This makes no AdSense

One more reason to move to I signed up for Google AdSense the other day, and wouldn’t you know it, I was approved!!! I perfected the color scheme of my first ad block, and pasted it onto my blog, and… Nothing happened! WordPress deleted the code! It turns out that doesn’t allow ads. So here’s the quandary. Without revenue, I can’t start a blog on, but with revenue, I might as well stay here on! What shall I do?



It’s the greatest affliction to haunt our society today, and most people go untreated. It can lead to insanity, hair loss, and gaps in regular blog schedules. Yes my friends, I am talking about writer’s blog (get it? It’s like writer’s block only… never mind) Rather recently I has a writerz bolg, and It was all i could do too avoids talking in lolspeak. To avoid getting infected like I did, one must be very carefulol not to use to much l33t or lals. Once the disease has 8egan to spread, there is very little meanz of stopping it. Only complete innoculation by isolation from teh interwebs can stop it. Even after the infection has run it’s course, side effectz linger. S0rry for not posting in so long. I can has cheezburger now?

Dreams of Whirligigs and Lolipops…

…huh? Drat. It’s 6:29. My bus comes at 6:30. I dash to the kitchen, inhale a bowl of Kellogg’s Apple Jacks (why do they still belong to Kellogg after you buy them? It’s not even compound possession: “Yours and Kellogg’s Apple Jacks”. No, it’s “Kellogg’s”), and run out the door, thankfully remembering to be fully clothed. Yikes it’s chilly out here! Where is everybody? Meh, they probably all have Swine Flu, or Bird Flu, or Amoebic Dysentery. Where is that bus? Maybe it came earlly today, or maybe the bus driver has Swine Flu…maybe the entire school has it? I daydream about being the last healthy person on earth awhile, but then I realize that it’s like 6:44 and the bus isn’t coming. I walk home (having spent all my spare energy running before.) and look at the calendar. “Two Hour Late Start”. My most efficient day yet and it’s a “Two Hour Late Start?” No!!!

You know what’s funny?

This is: The Cruel Shoes by Steve Martin

Did you know…

… That most of my posts are written in less than a minute? You should be either proud or ashamed of me right now. If you have no emotion, read it again, this time without the music playing. That’s right, I do this sort of thing pretty much stream-of-consciousness. I’ll warn you if I don’t, I think.

What IS the difference?

Tasty cake!

First person to leave a comment gets a piece of delicious angel food cake! (must have means of sending cake through modem)